December 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland: lots to tell! Part 2

By the time I got out of the subway at W 4th St. there was a good solid layer on the ground, and it was still falling. I wandered up 8th St., peering into windows and planning what I should buy for Christmas presents. I went up to 10th St. and was startled to see a beautiful church, with gorgeous stained glass windows all lit up--how had I never noticed this lovely church before? I walked further, peering shamelessly into the windows of the brownstones, checking out the Christmas trees and enormous chandeliers that seemed to be present in every residence. I basked in the glow of the lights hung on wreaths and wrapped around railings, and was transported to a Victorian Christmas land (OK, I know they didn't have electric fairy lights, but this is my fantasy) and could almost hear the clip-clop of hooves pulling carriages along the street. I walked toward the Jefferson Market Library, and at the corner I was amazed to see a display of...Wunderkammer! Speak of the Devil; Wunder indeed! My interest in this sort of work was stimulated by Steampunk research, wherein I discovered many examples of shadow box art incorporating science and technology.

Turns out that the Ansonia Pharmacy was displaying an exhibit of works by the artist Robbii Wessen. An amazing artist whose works combine elements from nature with technical and industrial findings, resulting in a lovely blend of form, color and texture. I can not do them justice with words, so here are some pictures I took:

The exhibit is called Foundlings, and is at 6th Avenue and 10th St. until Jan. 27.

I then rode the bus up Sixth Ave, amazed by the number of lights Macy's had put up, and admiring the falling snow effect of some of them. I got out at Bryant Park, and wandered through the stalls of the Christmas Market. I felt like I was in Vienna: all that was missing was that mug of mulled wine!

But by now the snow had turned to rain, and I was getting pretty cold, so I wandered over to meet my friend. I noticed that the Henry Miller Theater facade has been uncovered. I hadn't seen it for years, I think!

I took a few shots of my playground on 43rd St--it always looks beautiful to me in the unmarked snow. Then I met M., and off we went to The Zipper Factory to see Mike Errico!!!!


Scary Fast Hummer said...

A cup of glu wine wine with you, Ma'am! Might I suggest a trip next year to the Christmas market at the monastary in Ettal, Germany where you really can hear the clip-clop of horse drawn wagons, take in the crafts, and share in the monk's brew.

Innsbruck is also just a short drive away as well!

costumegal said...

I so want to go back for another Christmas--the Austrians really know how to do it right!

I did bring several boxes of Glühfix bags home with me so I can make a quick cup whenever I like.